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ACES offers quality hands-on workplace safety training provided by experienced instructors - customizing site safety training manuals that adhere to WISHA regulations.

American Council Employee Safety (ACES) conducts comprehensive Workplace Safety Training & Certification at our facility or at your worksite, custom-tailored to suit your company’s needs.  Some of the classes we offer:

*Confined Space Training: 4 hour requirements for WAC 296.62.145 and OSHA CFR 1910.146, Employee training WAC 296.809.40002 & 40004 

ConfinedSpaceTraining TN 

Employees who work in confined spaces:

Training on the safe performance of their duties before initial assignment, before a change in assigned duties, upon a change in operations that presents a new hazard, when there are deviations in procedures, and when employee knowledge is inadequate; written certification of training is required. Refresher required whenever permit space operations change, there are deviations from the permit space entry procedures, or inadequacies in employee knowledge or use of procedure.

*8 hour HAZWOPER refresher , 40 hour HAZWOPER training, 2 hour supervisor refresher 1910.120(a)(1)(i-v) and 1926.65(a)(1)(i-v):

*OSHA 10 & 30 training

*4 hour Hazardous materials shipping and receiving WAC 296.824.300

*10 Hour Energized electrical circuit training & competent person training for WAC’s 296.45.065, 296.155.426, 296.155.462

*4 hour working under high voltage training WAC 296.24.960

*Outdoor heat exposure awareness training WAC 296.62.095

*Bloodborne pathogens WAC 296-823-120

*Elevated work platforms WAC 296.869.50005

*Overhead crane training & evacuation WAC 296.24.23503

*Safe filling and handling of propane WAC 296.155.275

*Rigging Equipment for material handling WAC 296.155.330

* Trenching & evacuation-Competent person training WAC 296.45.195, WISHA requirements including recognition of worksite hazards per WAC 296.155 Part N,

*First aid CPR AED training

*Defensive driving

*Fall, harness and ladder prevention training WAC 296.155.24505(4), WAC 296.876.600

*Forklift operator and re-evaluation training WAC 296.863.60005, 296.863.60015

*Aerial lift training WAC 296.869.50005

*Scissor lift/Mobile scaffold operation training WAC 296.869.200

*Aerial Bucket truck training WAC 296-869-20025

*Lockout/Tagout training WAC 296.803.600

Defensive Driver Training      

Defensive Driver Training including 12 mos. vehicle monitoring
(Annual renewal for vehicle monitoring $60)

OSHA Construction Safety      
OSHA Construction Safety      
Quantitative Fit Testing      

Medical Analysis for Fit Testing
(waived only with signed release or recent physical)           

First Aid Certification (includes CPR & AED Certification)      
Lead & Asbestos Awareness      
Mold Awareness      
Hexavalent Chromium      
Flagger Training (Both Competent Person & “Train-the-Trainer”) Custom       


The following classes are normally conducted only at your site: 

Confined Space Safety      
Forklift Operator Safety      
Aerial lift Competent Person (lift system provided by client)      
Fall Protection and Prevention Competent Person      
Scaffold & Ladder Competent Person      
Trenching & Excavation Competent Person      

For training at our facility, ACES will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requirements.  We will schedule any class for at least five attendees from your firm at a time you designate during normal business hours.  For less than five, simply call and let us know which training you would like to schedule and we will notify you at least two weeks in advance of the next class.  Tuition is due in full at least one week prior to the scheduled class.

We also have extensive testing capabilities for environmental issues such as  Mold & Indoor Spore Identification, Indoor Air Quality Analysis, Soil Analysis, Lead Contamination Detection, Sound & Hearing Conservation, Hazardous Chemical Awareness, Air Particulate Analysis, RF Exposure and more.  ACES can help you with identification and abatement of these and other dangerous conditions.

Call today and find out how ACES can help you prevent injuries, increase productivity, reduce liabilities and avoid legal risks.