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Respirator Fit Testing

Safety Ace provides safety and environmental industrial hygiene services, including air monitoring, respiratory fit testing, noise surveys, indoor air quality assessments, lighting and control measurements and recommendations for process changes that will ensure employee safety and health, all of which are contained in a written Industrial Hygiene report that is provided to you.

We perform our testing at your location at a convenient time for your staff. According to WAC 296.842.22010, respirators need to be tested for proper fit every year.

If your department needs respirator fit testing, we can provide this service using our FitTester 3000 Quantitative Respiratory FitTester made by Occupational Health Dynamics. This machine is a Respiratory Leak Rate Analyzer used in industry standard testing.

We also offer a Qualitative test with irritative smoke.

Group rates are available.

Please call for an estimate for your organization!