WISHA | Compliance + Training + Testing

Safety Compliance Without Contracts

ACES works month to month with no contract.

Workplace Safety Consultants--experienced job site and workplace safety consultants that provide workplace health and safety implementation, workplace safety training and WISHA compliance training.

WISHA- Rules require that every employer in Washington State have a written "Accident Prevention Program." 

Our Accident Prevention Program is organized and easy to follow. Click here to view our Contractor's Requirement for Accident Prevention Program.

On-site Safety Professionals

We offer on-site safety professionals for a variety of work environments throughout Washington, such as construction, manufacturing, steel and other heavy industry. We also provide safety professionals for occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene.

  • ACES offers a free, no obligation, comprehensive facility inspection.
  • ACES will identify your facility deficiencies and potential WISHA violations in your operation.
  • ACES is designed with the client in mind.
  • ACES is tailor built to suit any size company with practical and affordable solutions.

Consulting on alleged citations

ACES can work with clients helping to reduce potential penalties or fines.

We work in partnership with industry, construction, and municipalities to help reduce the risk of accidents and in doing so, helping businesses to reduce their labor costs.

We come to your place of business and perform inspections and train your employees. We show you a step by step program so that you are ready for government inspections and have all your health and safety information ready for examination.